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Dales Land Net Soil Monitor

Our design provides real time readings from the different soil layers down to 50cm.

50cm sensor depth for soil layer monitoring for roots
  • Reports in as often as every 30 minutes
  • Self charging: 3 AAA batteries + solar panel
  • Real time battery levels
  • Connectivity: Sigfox, LoRaWAN, SDI-12

Data Availability

We provide the data to you on a dashboard, or you can access the data directly using a web API.

Additionally, alarms can be set to notify when moisture or temperature reading cross a user-defined threshold. Alarms can also be set to warn of low battery levels, so that the unit can be serviced before it shuts down.

This screenshot from the dashboard shows the 4 zones of soil moisture data graphed against rainfall data (in grey), which is provided by the optional Rain Gauge unit:

Soil layer volumetric water content graph

Dales Land Net Rain Gauge

IoT rain gauge

Having real time rainfall data available to compare with the changes in soil moisture levels is invaluable, as shown in the dashboard screenshot above.

We offer the DLN Rain Gauge unit with the same data connectivity options available for the DLN Soil Monitor.