Our Solution

Until now, anyone who needed soil moisture and temperature readings had two choices:

• Purchase an unweildy weather station for £1500 – £3000, and most required wired power to the unit. Owners of wireless units that utilised solar panels faced surprisingly expensive connectivity charges.
• Hike out to the site and take the readings manually.

Being stuck with these options means that important decisions about agriculture, land, water, and flood management are being made with old data, estimates or guesswork.

Professionals in fields like agriculture, flood prediction, infrastructure, or environmental science need data that is up-to-date and as granular as possible. With this in mind, the founders of Dales Land Net designed the DLN Soil Monitor to be a fraction of current market options, while wirelessly providing its real-time data at a range far greater than current options.

DLN Soil Monitor – Moisture & Temperature

Soil characteristics change in layers. The conditions underground are often very different from the surface due to soil type and recent weather conditions. If you are trying to make important decisions regarding flood conditions or farming operations, just knowing what’s on the surface is not enough.


50cm Depth
The DLN Soil Monitor provides moisture readings in 12cm segments (11.5cm sensors + 0.5cm separation). Additionally, the unit provides soil temperature readings every 10cm.

Low Cost
Order volumes of less than 10 units are priced at £200–a fraction of the price of units currently on the market. Pricing follows a cost curve like any other electronic product–as the volume goes up, the price drops dramatically.

IoT Wireless Connectivity
Using long-range Internet of Things (IoT) technology, data can be transferred up to 15 miles, depending on terrain.

Long Life
IoT designs only use tiny amounts of energy, and they relay the data over energy-efficient IoT networks, meaning battery life is surprisingly long. With the unit’s attached solar panel, battery life is measured in years.

Real-Time Data To Your Device
Get the data instantly on whatever device you prefer. The unit’s data history is available for your analytical needs using the web API access.

You can clearly see when the rain on Jan 26 began to sink in.
As you would expect, the temperature near the surface is most changeable.

DLN Data Network

A Network of Sensors Yields A Deeper Understanding
The combined real-time data from a large number of sensors spread across a geographic area provides powerful new insights into the overall state of the soil in that region. As a result, decisionmakers can have a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and the problems they are trying to solve.

Cloud-Based Data Service
We collect the data, process it and make it available to our customer base as either a web portal or a web API access.