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20 Aug, 2021

Presenting to Rishi Sunak at Ribba Hall Farm

Rishi Sunak (UK Chancellor and MP for Richmond) was visiting his constituency which includes Ribba

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27 Jun, 2021

NFM Measures Near Kendal, Cumbria

Kendal in Cumbria sits in a valley that is fed by multiple rivers and becks

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29 May, 2021

Cross-Checking Our Data with a Neutron Probe

Land slippage is a serious worry on railway embankments, and tracking soil saturation in the

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29 Apr, 2021

Monitoring a Yorkshire Dales River Trust NFM Project in Bishopdale

The Bishopdale Natural Flood Management (NFM) project implemented by Yorkshire Dales River Trust is one

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7 Jan, 2021

Kinder Scout with Moors for the Future

A day of "extreme installation" of units on Kinder Scout with Moors for the Future

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14 Dec, 2020

Testing Railway Embankment Land Slippage

Railway embankments are susceptible to land slips during heavy rain as they were often built

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5 Aug, 2020

Field Test at a Corporate Pea Farm

We've been invited to place units at a couple fields that are part of a

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23 Mar, 2020

Field Tests at the top of the River Wharfe

Lockdown begins later today, so we raced to install 8 soil moisture units plus a

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20 Mar, 2020

Field Tests on Ilkley Moor

Working with the Bradford council flood team we were able to install a small cluster

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20 Aug, 2019

Fun With Sports Turf

Fun with Sports Turf. The 50cm below the turf is mainly sand and gravel, so

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