The conditions underground are often very different from the surface due to soil type and recent weather conditions. If you are trying to make important decisions regarding flood conditions or farming operations, just knowing what’s on the surface is not enough.

Until now, soil sensors were expensive and they required wired power and connectivity–which doesn’t work very well when the data you need is located in a remote field or valley.

The Dales Land Net Soil Monitor solves this problem.

The DLN Soil Monitor sits 50cm down into the soil and provides real-time soil moisture & temperature readings for greater understanding of the situation below the surface.


• 50cm depth
• 4 Moisture readings in 11.5cm segments
• Temperature readings every 10cm
• Low Cost
• IoT Wireless connectivity
• Self charging

Crucially, the DLN Soil Monitor is much cheaper than current solutions, meaning you can afford to put units where you need them.

For less than 10 units, the price is £200 excluding VAT.

At higher order volumes, the price drops considerably. Get in touch to discuss how out pricing works.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a national soil moisture information network:

• To enable UK agriculture to produce higher quality, higher yield crops at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.
• To enable the UK flood management teams to understand the real risk of flooding in key areas and to take proactive action to save lives, property and reduce disruption.
• To provide the data that governments and business leaders need to make wise decisions in a quickly changing world.

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